Raw fudge brownie


Raw fudge brownie:

(~½ Cup) Nuts of choice (I used almonds, hazelnuts and cashews)
(~½ Cup) Pitted dates
(~1/4 Cup) Cacao
(1/4-½ Cup) Milk of choice
(1/4 Cup) Pecans (optional)

Creamy topping:
1 Avocado
1 tbsp Coconut oil
2 tbsp Honey
1 krm (1/8 tsp) Vanilla powder
2 tbsp Cacao
½ dl (1/4 Cup) Greek yoghurt


Mix the nuts in a food processor (not the pecans), add cacao and the dates and keep mixing. Then add milk, little by little until it forms a paste. Pour the mixture into a mold and add the pecans into the mix.
Mix avocado, cacao, honey, vanilla powder and coconut oil in a food processor or with a hand mixer until it forms a smooth paste. Then add the greek yoghurt.

Spread the topping over the brownie and put in the freezer for a while until it hardens. Slice it up and store in the fridge. Enjoying with bananas is much recommended!



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