Just to remind myself

mama next door

I watched this video today and it left a big impression on me.

The premise: from behind a curtain, a forensic artist sketches different women based on their descriptions of themselves vs how strangers’ see them

Raising my hand over here. I admit it. I am so guilty of self loathing and and criticism – these love handles, these post baby boobs, this nose, my small teeth…the list can go on and on. I think it is a part of our female genetic makeup to over-analyze and over-think everything. I know my husband loves every part of my imperfectness – that I do not doubt…but it’s a struggle to love myself when everyday we are bombarded with Victoria Secret campaigns, Kate Upton Cat Daddy videos, and clothes that I swear are getting smaller and smaller every season!

I’m still struggling w/ post baby weight – g’damn those last 7lbs…

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